Keelan Poi

Event Founder and Co-ordinator.

Keelan is a passionate outdoors-man whose creative nature has lead to the creation of the first Multi-sport Adventure race to be held on the East Coast's famous Mt Hikurangi.

His background in adventure tourism and personnel management has helped him to organize the Maunga to Moana Adventure to military precision for the last 3 years. His ability to rally the volunteers and troops around the east coast region is a key component to the success of the M2M.

He prides himself on timeliness, reliability and task completion which comes hand in hand with his high expectations he places on himself and the rest of his team.  Things can only get bigger and better for future events.

Materoa Poi

Event 2IC and Operations Manager.

Thriving on new challenges and working on bettering herself in the sports and well-being arena, Materoa fits perfectly with in the Maunga to Moana organization. She has been involved in the M2M operations since its inception in 2016 and now finds herself "Second in Command" making executive decisions daily. 

Materoa has been studying full time in Hamilton, juggling mother-hood and also be the M2M's event pit bull if and when needed. 

She is highly motivated, brutely honest and a hard worker looking for perfection when it comes to the Maunga to Moana Event.

Kerryn Pegram

Coastal Camp Operations Manager 

Kerryn has successfully completed his Bachelor in Sports and Exercise science and has worked with the likes of New Zealand Rugby League to develop and manage young Rugby league players.

He has been involved with the M2M from the early stages in 2016 and has been integral in organizing mystery tasks and campsite operations.

He is a highly motivated, determined and hard working individual who completes all his allocated tasks to the best of his ability. He has developed his improvisation skills during 2019 M2M, having to design a new mystery task in 30 minutes with competitors just around the corner. 

He is an asset to the Maunga to Moana team.


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