Coastal Camp

Coastal camp is a purpose made campsite facility for competitors, spectators and whanau members.  This has been designed to create a community culture within the M2M Event. Services provided include:

- 24 hour Cooking facilities

- Security of campsite and equipment

- Toilet facilities 

- Showering facilities

- Segregated camping area

- Campsite passes and lanyards 

- 10m x 5m sections (no power)

- Max 10 people per camp site

Bring in your tent, camper-van or motor-home and secure your spot in M2M's Coastal Camp for the 2020 season.

Cooking and Dining facilities

We use one of the local Marae in Ruatoria as our Coastal Camp to involve the community and provide that authentic East Coast hospitality.

 In our Coastal Camp facilities we encourage a whanau friendly environment where all teams, support crew and whanau members can share the same spaces to cook and prepare meals if needed. This is a common area for people to relax and enjoy each others company.

We also provide meals for the special events like the end of event prize giving.

What to expect?

Safe - Coastal Camp is an area where kids and whanau can move freely with in the campsite and feel safe, happy and relaxed.


Secure - All people with in Coastal camp must have wrist bands and lanyards on them at all times to ensure they belong in the area. Security teams and volunteers will be present 24/7 to ensure equipment and teams are are safe at all times. 

Friendly - Locals are friendly and helpful, majority of volunteers are from the area which helps with local knowledge of the area.

Authentic - Our event is unlike anything else, we have real people, who are keen to showcase the real East Coast experience. At Coastal Camp we have local people working on the local Marae. You cant get more authentic than that.

Smoke and Alcohol free - Our events are Smoke and Alcohol free to ensure a safe environment for our Tamariki and whanau around the event. Allocated areas out side the venue will be available for smokers. 


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