Day One: 

6th March 2020

1100 - Powhiri at Mangahanea Marae

*Compulsory for all competitors.

Guests, whanau and spectators welcome.

1130 - Hakari or refreshments provided

*all guests welcome to have a kai provided by M2M staff.

1200 - M2M Opening address

*all competitors and guests need to attend this brief for health and safety points for entire event. 

1245 - M2M issue equipment and campsite passes

*all passes, race packs and equipment handed out. Coastal camp sections allocated.

1500 - M2M Community Market day 

*food stalls, activities, local produce and performances will be available for competitors and spectators to experience.

1900 - Final race brief 

*all competitors, drivers and mangers need to attend this final brief prior to race beginning in the morning.

Day Two: 

7th March 2020

0700 - Equipment ready at start line

*all equipment, competitors and stores ready at start line, Mt Hikurangi.

0730 - All competitors start race

*karakia will begin race, all competitors start race at the same time.

1800 - Final competitors uplifted to finish

*all competitors need to be completed before 1800 or a tail end vehicle will pick up stragglers.

1830 - Prize giving to begin 

*prize giving will start at Mangahanea Marae, all guests, competitors are recommended to stay for prize giving and kai.

1900 - Hangi feast 

*All guests are to stay for kai to close our event with a locally prepared Hangi.

Day Three:

8th March 2020

0730 - Light breakfast available

*a light breakfast will be available for guests before heading home.

1130 - All whanau moved to home locations

*all guests are to be cleaned up and packed up, M2M staff will begin cleaning facilities.



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